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Author Topic: Amputation as final resort  (Read 2035 times)


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Amputation as final resort
« on: August 08, 2017, 03:48:53 PM »

We have been dealing with Coco's SLO for over 8yrs. We have never managed to get her into remission.
I've tried everything.....and i mean everything. Every conventional drug, holistic Vets, laser, whacky out there treatments, food, supplements, Chinese herbs, homeopathy....,My darling Coco just can't get into remission. She has 3 very bad nails on her front paws and it looks like the only option now is to amputate. I feel sick even writing this. Is there anyone here whose dog has gone through this and can they tell me what the recovery is like? What painkillers helped? What about stairs? How long to recover? She's 10yrs old and I've tried to avoid this but we are at the end if the line.

Any info on dogs that have been through this would be gratefully received.

Ps we really have tried everything year in, year out.


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Re: Amputation as final resort
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2017, 07:08:54 PM »

Hi and welcome

The only thing I would query about amputation of the affected nails is when these have gone what is to stop the SLO affecting the other nails and if this happens, amputation of all first joints on all feet wouldn't be an option, surely?    SLO is not selective it will target all nails. Is the diagnosis of SLO accurate? There are other diseases of the nails.  Is it only 3 nails that are a problem?  Does she have secondary bacterial infection that is making it worse or self trauma?  What drug regimens and supplements have you used?  With all autoimmune diseases the choice of drug, dose and duration of treatment is crucial to the outcome and before you make this huge decision you have to check that you have exhausted all the options - I know this is why you have posted on the forum.  Sorry for all the questions.

I can't remember how many dogs I have known to have SLO - too many to count - and I have never known a treated dog not to reach remission, and although the nails might not look normal the disease is not active and they are no longer in pain or bleeding. Yes, they can relapse but resuming the treatment will usually bring the dog back into remission. 

 The most popular and successful treatment for SLO is Doxycycline and niacinamide, biotin and lots of supplements that contribute towards a good regimen for autoimmune skin disease.  I am sure you have exhausted them all but it is worth looking again before such a drastic decision is taken. 

I have known a dog to have all the nails removed when the disease was at it's worse and personally I wouldn't ever agree to such action for my dog.  The poor dog was in agony and the recovery time was long and intense with all the changing of dressings etc.  The disease still has to be treated in the same way.

 Do you have my SLO seminar notes?  If you don't and you would like them please email me at:  cimda@aslog.co.uk and I will email them to you.