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Author Topic: New study to develop an autoantibody screening test for Addison's disease  (Read 1634 times)


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Anyone who has a dog with Addison's disease or has a dog whose breed is genetically predisposed to developing Addison's disease  will be interested in this exciting new research being conducted by the RVC into the development of an adrenal autoantibody test.

I wrote a letter of support to Prof Brian Catchpole, and pledged a donation towards the cost of this study, and I am pleased to say that the application for funding was well received by The Kennel Club and they have offered 25,000 on the proviso that the beardie clubs raise 5,000. This is because the initial request for this study came from CIMDA and the Bearded Collie Joint Breed Liaison Committee, however, it is in the interest of all breeds that have a genetic predisposition to Addison's disease to contribute blood samples of newly diagnosed Addisonian dogs, and also if they feel able, to contribute towards raising 5,000 to enable this important study to start in the new academic year.

The campaign is live.  Here is the link to share:

https://www.gofundme.com/276qcedk https://www.gofundme.com/276qcedk

It is hoped that an adrenal autoantibody screening test will be able to identify Addisonian dogs before they go into a crisis, and it will no doubt save many dogs lives in the future.

If anyone who has a newly diagnosed Addisonian dog would like their dog to take part in this study, please email me:  cimda@aslog.co.uk 

Breeds affected are:  Bearded Collies, Whippets, Portuguese Water Dogs, Weimaraners, Poodles, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers, West Highland White terriers, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers - the list goes on........