Attention: Royal Veterinary College Study into Autoimmune Disease Dec 2021

Started by Jo CIMDA, December 21, 2021, 08:47:41 AM

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The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) is calling for owners of dogs in the UK with autoimmune diseases to take part in a vital piece of new research, which aims to gather data and insight into the diagnosis, treatment response and outcomes of these dogs. This information will then be shared with local veterinary practices and specialist hospitals to help owners and vets make well-informed decisions when dogs are diagnosed with one of these conditions.

Please consider taking part if your dog is newly diagnosed with one of the specified AI diseases, and also inform your vet of this study because the more dogs that take part the more the veterinary specialists will learn about autoimmune disease.

Thank you


More information from the RVC website:

Autoimmune diseases are encountered frequently in dogs, often causing severe illnesses that require intensive hospital care and prolonged treatment with immunosuppressive medications. The RVC alone sees between 50-100 dogs with immune-mediated diseases each year, with many more never being referred for treatment at specialist hospitals. In some cases, however, treatment causes side effects that can have a negative effect on quality of life. To address the current shortage of information and aid the veterinary community, researchers at the RVC have developed a new observational study, named ImmunoRegistry.

The registry will gather information about dogs that have been recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, following them in real-time over a one-year period to find out how they respond to treatment. Once enrolled, owners and vets will be contacted at regular intervals using emailed questionnaires to ask for detailed updates about their dog


Update on Elsie.
We managed 3 weeks on 25mg. So we are now working on the taper.
When she relapsed on 31/12/21 and I took her into the vets all her blood work came back normal. Her CRP was normal. The vet at the time wasn


Hi Erica

It looks like you were interrupted.

I hope your vet will reduce the drugs using a good reducing protocol but  always, tailoring it to Elsie's clinical signs.