Started by RosiesMum, August 09, 2022, 04:58:03 PM

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Four years ago our Springer Spaniel Rosie was diagnosed with IMPA - Vets were amazing & she's living her best life now aged 12! Still on 5mg steroids & mycophenalate every day (as every time we try a reduction she relapses so the current meds are obviously doing what they need to do). Advice and support on here was invaluable.

Can't believe we've been unlucky enough to have just had our younger dog (Monty - working cocker spaniel - obviously not related to Rosie in any way) also diagnosed with IMPA!

Dreadful time at our Vets this time though - Monty has degenerative spondylosis (diagnosed aged 4 & he's nearly 10 now) which has been managed with exercises, acupuncture, massage, laser & ultrasound treatment and no meds other than the occasional dose of metacam. Took him to Vets as he was quiet & tired - they decided he was in pain with his back and gave him  Librela injection. Much worse that evening so took him back following day & he was given gabapentin and metacam too. Two days later & he was no better and also sneezing a lot so rang for further appointment - told we'd have to wait 48 hours as no Vets available! Made big fuss & was seen that afternoon - had to ask for his temperature to be taken (was 40.1 degrees) and then given antibiotics as sneezing put down to infection.

No improvement over weekend so called different Vet for second opinion on Monday morning - seen same day & bloods taken. Results back following day and booked in for CT scan of head, abdomen and chest the day after. Also taken off metacam as she was fairly sure he'd need to go onto steroids  On day of scan joint taps were also taken together with more bloods - scans clear (phew) and joint taps confirmed IMPA. Started steroids on Friday and within about an hour he was breathing more easily and not shaking / trembling with each breath.

Really annoyed with myself that I allowed first Vets to give him Librela - I now know it's for osteoarthritis which he doesn't have, and having done some further research I do wonder if it triggered/ made worse an immune response? Will probably never know & Vets say it isn't likely. Any thoughts?

Anyway he's on the treatment protocol you sent me for Rosie & hoping we can get him sorted and back to his happy little self asap.

Although he's obviously a poorly boy it doesn't feel as scary as it did 4 years ago as we've been through it with Rosie so know what to expect & how we can give him everything he needs to get through it.

Thank you 🐾🐾



I am so sorry that your email seems to have escaped me.  My computer hasn't been working correctly and I can only think that this is the reason why.

I do hope Monty is making good improvement.  Please, if you have any queries and you don't get a reply from here, write to

I am so pleased to know that Rosie is doing well, at the ripe old age of 12!  Fantastic news.

All the best