Aspergillosis in an IMT dog

Started by Karen Churchill, December 23, 2020, 01:17:57 PM

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Karen Churchill

Hi all
I am absolutely devastated and wanting to know if anyone has experienced this.
Our Pippa was diagnosed with IMT in June and has been on Prednisolone (currently tapered to 6mg every other day). In September she stated to get nasal discharge and was treated with antibiotics but it hasn't gone away. Today she is at a vet specialist hospital and they have diagnosed aspergillosis in her nasal cavity. She has to undergo some invasive treatment to try and treat it. We can only assume that this opportunist fungal infection has come about because of being immune suppressed. Has anyone ever experienced this or have any advice. From a very worried owner. 😢😢😢


I can not help, Karen. Try the search facility on the Forum, I am sure there were a few posts about it some time ago. I am sure Jo will be along later and she will be able to advise you.

Are they sure it is Aspergillosis? I think there are other things (some severe, some minor) that can cause the same symptoms although I suppose they have a test for it?


Hi Karen

I am so sorry that Pippa has aspergillosis.  I am sure that you have done your homework, but just in case you have missed these they might be interesting for you to read.   I don't know a lot about aspergillosis but if the diagnosis is correct the treatment can be harsh.  I would say that it is because of Pippa's weakened immune system that this opportunistic fungus has taken hold.

Ask the vet if there is anyway that it could be treated with oral anti-fungal drugs without having to go down the invasive route.  It is worth trying just in case it works.,to%20its%20high%20potential%20to%20cause%20kidney%20damage.

I do hope they can treat it with oral drugs.

All the best


Karen Churchill

Thanks Jo

Pippa is under a specialist vet and nasal aspergillosis is confirmed. Oral treatment does not work and she has to undergo the invasive procedure on January 5th. They have confirmed that immune suppressed dogs are predisposed to it and I have already heard of another dog on a FB page with IMHA that was also affected. It is just a warning to anyone whose dog is on high dose steroids to watch out for any nasal discharge.


I am so sorry Karen.  The specialist vet will know exactly how to treat this, so you have done the right thing by going to those in the know.

Wishing Pippa and you all the best,  and just tell yourself that this is the only way and she will ultimately benefit from the treatment.