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Help for Beardie with SLO

Started by albamara, July 16, 2020, 11:28:12 AM

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Hi My 2 year old Beardie McTavish was recently diagnosed in Nov 2019 with SLO.

Hes had prednisolone and antibiotics and pain killers  hes on vitamin e and zinc.He had nail bed infection.
Hes been doing really well and two weeks ago another flare up with bad nail bed infection again

I clean his paws with hibitane

Just after some help and advice please as my vet is new to SLO as well so we are learning together.

He cut the nails really short under anaesthetic and we went on the steroids and antibiotics and he appeared to do really well.

This time he sedated him to trim nails and gave me antibiotics and pain killers but one paw is not healing well.

This time he only gave me an amoxicillin antibiotic but dont think this is the right one.
Is there a cream that I can use to help I'm using Yumove boost in his food



Hi and welcome

I am sorry McTavish has SLO.

Prednisolone, in immunosuppressive doses, works very well and can bring SLO into remission, but there are more gentle ways such as using Doxycycline and niacinamide to suppress the immune system, and this method does not carry all the side effects of long term preds. 

If you email me at:

I will be able to send you my SLO seminar notes.  It are more details about all aspects of SLO than the information that is available here. 

Also, the use of prednsiolone can inhibit healing and perhaps this is why one paw is not healing well.  It also leaves the patient open to all sorts of infections, because the immune system is suppressed.   So this may be another reason why the skin on this foot is not healing. 

If you would like the notes, please email me and I will send them to you.