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Author Topic: In memory of Professor Michael J Day  (Read 138 times)


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In memory of Professor Michael J Day
« on: May 25, 2020, 09:23:00 AM »

Hello Everyone

I have just heard the very sad news that Prof Michael J Day has recently passed away. 

Some of you may not know of this amazing gentleman's achievements, but the links below will give you some idea of the impact that he made on the veterinary world.



Personally, I am truly saddened because Prof Day's immunosuppressive drug protocol has helped so many dogs with autoimmune disease, when their own vet had no previous knowledge of such treatments, and there is no doubt that his protocol has saved many, many lives that would have been lost.  It is the best immunosuppressive protocol that I have come across.  Many years ago, I emailed Prof Day to ask if I could pass on his protocol to those who may need it, and he replied straight away giving his permission but stressing that the protocol has to be tailored to the individual.  Now, I have no veterinary qualifications and yet this amazing man acknowledged that there was a need to get this specific treatment regimen out 'there' and he gave his permission with no hesitation.  I, and many, many others, will always  be truly grateful to him.

Prof Day, along with his colleagues at the WSAVA, is also the person who brought to the attention of the veterinary world that annual vaccination was not necessary and although it was important to vaccinate, to over vaccinate is potentially doing more harm than good.   

He has achieved so much more in his short life and you can read about him in the links, but I would like to say, Thank you Professor Day for all that you have done during your career and for going over and beyond to help individuals with your knowledge,  and the veterinary profession to understand more about immunology and these terrible diseases, and most importantly how to treat theses dreadful diseases and achieve remission, so that these dogs may have the chance of a happy and healthy life. 

Rest in Peace Michael J Day, and thank you from us all.  Your loss, to us in this world, is huge.