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Brittle nails

Started by Louise, March 13, 2020, 12:32:07 AM

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Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that when their dogs are on high dose prednisone that they can get brittle nails panda has had a nail cut right back to the nail bed because he had a poke injury and his nail was split so vet removed all the nail up to the bed to stop it bleeding he said that panda has brittle nails due to high levels of prednisone have to keep eye on it so it doesn't get infections.


I did not notice a problem with my AIHA dog's nails when on high doses of Preds. It could be due to the steroids or that Panda is unwell.

You could try putting some socks on the affected paws, at times, to stop him licking them if he is doing that. Dog boots would also help protect his toes/nails being knocked when he goes outside, especially if you have other dogs as well that want to play boisterously. Just make sure that you keep his feet clean, dry and aired if you use the socks, boots.



Does Panda have a problem with all of his nails or just one?



Just 1 at the moment it also has a poke injury where something went between the nail and the nail bed my vet did say he has brittle nails from the steroids his hair is thinner and he has crusting on his back today he is not well got tummy issues causing diarrhea he is on 2ml twice daily of lactulose syrup because he tends to get constipated .


Hi Louise

Yes preds do have an affect on hair etc., and being on pred does inhibit healing, which won't help. 

The good news is it is isolated to one nail  so it is very likely to be, as you say, an injury which is taking longer than normal to heal.  You could try adding natural Vitamin E and essential fatty acids such as evening primrose oil and fish oil to his diet to nourish the skin and encourage new cell growth.