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Author Topic: IMPA Dollie's story  (Read 1901 times)


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IMPA Dollie's story
« on: January 03, 2019, 08:01:36 AM »

Would like to give hope to all those doggy mums and dads out there whose poor fur babies have IMPA. Dollie ,our four year old Cavachon was diagnosed with IMPA in April 2018. She was bright ,bouncy and full of vitality . Suddenly she just lay in her basket, refused to move or eat and would yelp if you tried to pick her up. Her temperature was plus 40c.Our vet did all the usual tests, nothing found.We thought she was going to die. She was referred to a vetinerary specialist who, after blood tests, mri scans and joint taps diagnosed IMPA.They put her on a massive dose of steroids , 20 mg to be monitored and gradually reduced over six months. She gained over 6 kilos,two thirds of her body weight, drank water like a fish ate everything in sight and weed for England. I was getting up five or six times in the night to take her into the garden. All she did was sleep, eat and wee.She still had her sweet temperament, fortunately. The steroids were very gradually reduced  over six months until she was only on half a tablet every two days. Dollie had responded well to the steroids. She was taken on slow, short walks five or six times daily.The distance we went was gradually increased. Although she was ok generally she had lost her zest for life and her sparkle and bounce had gone. We finished the steroids, I was so scared the IMPA would come back. The vet said if it came back it would hit her like a train, it would not be a gradual onset. Well, fingers and paws crossed!it is now three months since she took her last steroid. By December, the Dollie we once knew came back to us and life is wonderful again. Just had to tell her story to give some support to those of you whose poor babies have this awful disease! When she was ill I'll I was in the depths of despair;I was convinced she would cross the rainbow bridge. My heart broke every time I looked at her. Please do not give up on your baby:God willing , they can and do get better.


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Re: IMPA Dollie's story
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2019, 11:04:14 AM »

Thank you so much for sharing Dolly's story with us.  It is so important to read about the success stories as it gives others hope at a time of great despair.

Dolly's treatment must have been absolutely correct to achieve remission.  Well done to the vets involved in Dolly's case and also to you for nursing her back to good health.

Relapses can happen,  but you know that the regimen she has been on worked for Dolly so just do the same again.  Lets hope it won't happen.

Wishing Dolly a happy and healthy New Year, and thank you again  for taking the time to tell her story.