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Hi My Golden Retriever was diagnosed with IMPA a year ago.  He has been on steroids since then and is on 5mg a day. He is 7 years old in 2 days time .
I cant get him off them , as soon as i try his joints swell up.
Last week he was at the vets as i was worried about his massive tummy and breathing. It was discussed that he wont live much longer as his liver is now twice as big as it should be and his organs are squashed.
This week i phoned the vet again worried that the time is coming where i have to put him down.
Faced with this i have decided to wean him of steroids and deal with swollen joints. I have bought cushx to help with swollen belly. I have bought  natural anti inflammatorys ,arnica, cbd, not quite sure what to all try.
Can anyone advise what i could be doing to help with this situation? Many thanks Kath