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Yes the plan is based on his clinical signs and the blood test results we will either continue to slowly reduce the prednisone or change or add different drugs in to hopefully get him more comfortable and happy after 5 long months of this and possibly another 4 months before we will hopefully have reduced his prednisone but day by day and fingers toes and paws crossed that he will be ok.

General doggy chat / Re: Brittle nails
« on: March 16, 2020, 01:37:34 AM »
Just 1 at the moment it also has a poke injury where something went between the nail and the nail bed my vet did say he has brittle nails from the steroids his hair is thinner and he has crusting on his back today he is not well got tummy issues causing diarrhea he is on 2ml twice daily of lactulose syrup because he tends to get constipated .

General doggy chat / Brittle nails
« on: March 13, 2020, 12:32:07 AM »
Just wondering if anyone else has noticed that when their dogs are on high dose prednisone that they can get brittle nails panda has had a nail cut right back to the nail bed because he had a poke injury and his nail was split so vet removed all the nail up to the bed to stop it bleeding he said that panda has brittle nails due to high levels of prednisone have to keep eye on it so it doesn't get infections.

Update on panda spinal tap results showed improvement so my vet has said that the cns disease is being affected by the immunosuppressive regime but possibly not controlled so we are doing 10mg prednisone twice daily for 2 weeks then reassess him he is due a blood test on the 20th just before he has been on the dose for 2weeks he is still sore and skipping also he had clipper rash and his hair is getting very thin fingers crossed that he will be ok now thoughts were initially the prednisone was reduced to quickly and we didn't have control of his inflammation before it was reduced.

He was initially on 40mg daily then after 3 weeks was reduced to 20mg after 3 weeks reduced to 10mg daily until 7th January when it was upped to 20mg for 9 days then upped to 40mg for 7 days because he became very sore and didn't want to do any walks after that we reduced it to 20mg daily which he is on now they are looking at changing his meds to cyclosporine if he still has inflammation the 2nd tap showed improvement in the levels of inflammation however he was meant to have a spinal tap after 3 weeks of 40mg but the lab didn't do the cytology requested so specialist said reduce to once daily so possibly it was reduced to quickly and he did improve in pain level as well but is sore now even though he is on 20mg prednisone.

Panda weighs 12.5kg he is on prednisone 20 mg daily and azathioprine 12.5mg every 2nd day

Hi I'm Louise and Panda is suffering from inflammation of his central nervous system possibly gme or autoimmune disease still trying to get a diagnosis he is on prednisone and azathioprine he has back pain which causes him to skip and grade 1 bilateral luxating patella he is 3yrs old and been on prednisone since 18th October 2019 due to have a spinal tap on Wednesday to see if anything has changed inflammation wise.

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