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Thanks very much Jo, that's promising! Hopefully we can have success too.  :(  :)

Thanks for your reply. Yes as I'm going on holiday on Monday, I'm quite happy there was no reduction in his prednisolone as I would have been more nervous than I am already in leaving him with his boarder, although she is lovely and knows about his illness we still worry.  ::)

Hi KazMav,
My dog also has MUO, first initial diagnosis from our vet in March was mild stroke, put on steroids, doing great until tapered to 1mg then relapsed. That's when we had his MRI done end of May and got diagnosis, unfortunately by this time his was advanced. He started cytarabine and so far had 4 sessions every 3 weeks, next cytarabine will be every 4wks. He will then do every 6 weeks and hopefully reduce or stop. (No insurance, cost is killing us) He has been tapered from 10mg to now 5mg. On his last review 5th Aug they decided not to taper his pred, instead adding ciclosporin as they said his neurological symptoms had slightly decreased. He is very nervous when he attends and refuses to stand for full examination. I'm not convinced there was any decrease and just that he was extremely nervous but what do I know! It's a long process and slowly you see signs of their character coming back. Gigi has now started showing interest in his teddy and sleeping in his bed ;) There is a blood test you can have to check for any inflammation still present, I think it's called CRP? It's a reactive protein test. Hope our dog's continue to improve.

My dog Gigi was diagnosed with MUO (meningitis of unknown origin) Meningoencephalitis in May this year. He is currently undergoing cytarabine Injections now starting every 4 wks. He's already had 4 sessions at every 3 weeks. He has also been put on ciclosporin last week to coincide with his prednisolone Hope I can share our experiences with you and maybe help if I can and vise versa.
Thanks Lorraine :)

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