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Endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism, Addison's) / Re: Hypothyrodism
« on: July 27, 2018, 09:55:55 PM »
Hi Jo

Thank you so much for your reply, I had seen it but was unable to reply till tonight.  It was really reassuring and I'm pleased to say he showed signs of improvement like you said within 48 hours and a week later, is much brighter and steadier on his legs.  He is due a blood test in 3 weeks to check his levels but so far touch wood. 

We will then look at his dose and if its correct and talk about the vitafyllin dose as well.  Bit unsure what to do there whether to leave him on it as it helps his chest too as he has damaged lungs due to kennel cough when he was younger and has an inhaler for that but I'm told the vitafyllin helps bronchial tubes too.

Once again thank you very much for your response and help.

Kind regards

Lucy and Oz 

Endocrine diseases (hypothyroidism, Addison's) / Hypothyrodism
« on: July 19, 2018, 10:12:51 PM »
My 13 year old collie had a vestibular attack 6 weeks ago and on undertaking a full range of blood tests it was noted that his thyroid function was greatly reduced from 12 months ago.  It was 16, a repeat test of the thyroid function was done Tuesday 6 weeks after the last blood test and it has dropped to 15.  The sample was sent off for full TSH function etc and has come back today as TSH at  1.78,  I hope that's right I haven't got the full results only the TSH levels.  My vet is starting him on Thyforon 200mg. 

Up until last September he was competing at flyball and I retired him in September as he was 13 in March.  He was a fit, healthy dog who exercised regularly.  Since the New Year he has become letheragic, had the vestibular attack, head tilt, eye rolling, falling over, his gaining a lot of weight and has had some senile type moments.  He is raw fed and because he has been on reduced exercise, I had reduced his food by 100g and he is still gaining weight.  His coat is dull and lacks its normal sheen, but I wouldn't say its thinning just lacking its normal sheen.

He is also on vitafyllin for his vestibular disease but having done a limited amount of research I'm unsure whether his episode was vestibular or thyroid induced.  He has damaged lungs due to getting kennel cough when he was younger that turned to pneumonia so has an inhaler once a day which I'm told the vitafyllin may help.

I was posted towards this site to get some help and advice on how to go forward with Oz and I'd really appreciate any help and advice on this illness and how best to treat him and feed him etc.   

I lost his son at Easter who was being treated for pancreatitis but it was a tumour and we had to put him to sleep at 11 years old.  His dad seems to have aged quickly and all this has happened or come to the surface in that time. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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