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Hi xx
A lady in our support group needs urgent help with advice, regarding her dog Mia. She is struggling to post and I cannot seem to post screenshots of her lab work and brief history. I have been given permission to pass on the email address for Rosi and wonder if it is possible to email her. Her email is rosisafe@outlook.com

Thanks in advance

Hi all, I am posting this for a lady who couldn't get to grips with the forum and sent an email to Jo, unfortunately I think the email must have got lost somewhere along the way and I asked if she would like me to post here for her. Her name is Fiona and below is what I have copied and pasted exactly in her words. Thank you xx

"Hi all, don't know why I'm posting, maybe for support, someone who can relate to my situation, or advice, I'm not to sure,my head is a muddled mess at the moment, so please excuse me if I make no sense at all!

My beautifully, lovely,sweet,apple of my eye Bozo was diagnosed with imha last December 28/12/2017, he went from a 30kg dog down to 19kg in days! ( his now 24.8kg)

He was so ill, he had a transfusion, stayed a few days in the vet, pcv was raising well the whole time until three weeks ago, it went from 29 to 23! I was freaking out, vet rung a specialist, he advised to re test his blood and it came back into the 30s! phew! Fast forward to the next week, again got 23% reading vet added 25mg of imuran once a day to his 20mg of pred 2x a day, this weeks result's came back as 19%,20%,21% ( they testes three times) also added antibiotics 2x a day for 10 days, he says its not looking good, apparently to them his flat at home he is a nightmare to keep still, he is so active, his better then ever, eating like a horse ( literally eats more then the kids minis lol)

What would you guys suggesting adding, doing or anything? Iv emailed Jo Tucker last week, waiting a reply, his on 6 cups of hills active dry kibble I'd love to change him to a grain free option (ivory coat or black hawk?) He dose get some cooked beef heart,liver,kidney,honey,veg as well

I'm a complete wreck with his results, hearing the pts option getting brought up so often haunt's me at night, I know I need to be realistic and face in reality I could very well lose my best mate sooner rather then later, I'd love to do anything I can to help him!
 Thank you for taking the time and reading my novel!"

Hi , I've been recommending people join CIMDA from an imha support group on Facebook. Two ladies trying to join today, have reported back that they're struggling to register, they keep getting that the password isnt the same. Thanks xx ps sorry I tried to message someone, but couldn't find an option for that xx

This is the last update from Jacqueline .                 Was18 post trans now 16 . The transfusion was after she phoned @ 1am . They are concerned that they can't get bleeding to stop . They had reduced steroids and stopped one of the doses of myco*phenalate. She said concern is that like yest she stabilises then drops re bleeding , could be fine for a day then deteriorate again . I think we have come to conclusion that if she continues to bleed and they can't stop it we will go through and be with her , then bring her home . She should have some dignity as she was a wee beauty and a gift sent to us for a reason . I knew when I was driving through on Thurs that this was it , as I said , we passed through the village she was born in and the Dick is a few miles from the people who had her till she was 2. It's funny how things turn out! She was well looked after but merely a pet to them, but to us she's been a much loved , sister, daughter and grand daughter and my most faithful , loving companion . It's such an empty house and a deep void . The pain is awful but what has she borne and so bravely?  . I truly wouldn't wish this on anyone, it's too cruel . They wouldn't let us see her and that's so painful as we haven't seen her since Thurs and she'll be frantic . My neighbour called and said how beautiful she was and such a lovely personality . She said her daughter got a fright when she saw her , the transformation in her in a few weeks re weight loss and sunken skull . Why oh why did this not set alarm bells ringing at vets if a 17 year old could identify it? She actually said " Jackie, she was upset and quite frightened when she saw her ..." Thank you so much for everything, I never thought this would be outcome at the end of Sept , her pcv was going up and stabilising in low 30s but now knowing what I do re meds it's no wonder what's transpired ! My sweet, golden Angel . Thank you re Cimda too , you can let them know if you like what's happened . I hope no other precious dog has to endure what Jazz has to 😢. I'm sobbing in one room and my hubby in another . My poor parents are distraught too ! My sweet baby girl . Xx

Hi, I have a friend who has joined CIMDA, , but is struggling to post. She can log in and read posts, but cannot seem to start a post. So I am posting this here for her, she desperately needs your help . Thanks This is her post, as follows x.                                                                                                            Karen , really appreciate you doing this , here goes .
Jazz was a lively, healthy Working  Cocker who had just turned 7 when she suddenly succumbed to IMHA on 23rd Sept . Her pcv was 31 , dropping to 22, then 21 . She was initially prescribed predn 50mg , atopica and omeprazole . She couldn't tolerate the Atopica after @5days  and has been on mycophenolate  since then . Slowly her pcv steadied and increased to @ 31/2 . It has dropped @ 5 but normally climbs back to lows 30s. She has unfortunately been sick a few times and placed on antibiotics . Almost 2 weeks ago she became poorly and was diagnosed with pancreatitis , prescribed more antibiotics but her pcv stayed at 31 . Since having IMHA her stools became runny and it appeared like constant diarrhoea . Was given Pro-Kolin by vet but it didn't help . She has lost 4-5kg since becoming ill and the bones on her skull/ face very prominent, as is her hip area. I started giving her Dorwest Tree Barks powder which helped firm them but she is now refusing to eat if it's in her food ! She is on a diet of rice and cooked chicken but appears fed up of it at times . Unfortunately , went for her pcv on Mon and it had crashed to 20 from 32 ! I'm so worried and seeking advice . What could cause this sharp plummet and why is her pcv going up and down . After 2/3 wks as she had been okay , her predn was reduced by half tablet but after 2 wks on the reduced dose ,the vet said to return to full dose as her pcv had fallen to 26 but next day was 33! It's heartbreaking to see her like this and feels like a step forward then 20 back ! Any advice much appreciated . Thanks , Jackie .

Hi, I have a member of an imha group, who I signposted to this site a little while ago. She is desperate for advice, her dog has imha and constantly keeps coming upon setbacks. Her vet thinks her dog has pancreatitis caused by her meds for IMHA. I have told her how excellent this forum is and she applied to join, she received an email, which said you would email again with approval, but she has not got this email. She is at her wits end and I am sure you can offer pertinent advice. Her name is Jacqueline Dunlop and she has said her username was Jazz. Please could you try and add her to the forum, she really needs help.

Hi, I posted on here originally around 6 months ago, after my Chihuahua jrt x Lola was diagnosed with IMHA. She seems to be responding well to treatment, but it becomes more than a personal battle, you here so many stories of other dogs going through the same situation. I remember how scared, alone and desperate I felt in the early days and with this in mind a few of us set up a UK based support group, for people who have dogs with IMHA and other immune mediated diseases. Would it be ok to post a link to this group? If it is ok would it be possible for someone here at CIMDA to put it in the correct place on this site? Thankyou very much. :)    Sorry I cannot highlight it to make the link work just by clicking, but it can be copied and pasted into the url  when on facebook. The group is a facebook group and is called IMHA Dogs Support. Thanks again x


Medication, supplements and alternative treatments / Clavaseptin
« on: February 21, 2016, 12:59:36 AM »
Hi, My dog was diagnosed with IMHA 4 months ago and her treatment consists of prednicare and zintac. However for the last four days she has had rather bad diarrhoea. Initially she was prescribed a paste called pro kalin which has not really helped so far. Today we went back to see the vet, who has now prescribed an antibiotic called clavaseptin, which I believe is a derivative of amoxicillin. Is clavaseptin safe to use for dogs with IMHA? I understood that penicillins were considered to bean imha trigger, so does this not mean that clavaseptin could trigger a relapse, even if the initial onset of IMHA was not drug related? ( My dogs IMHA was classed as primary) I really want to give her the clavaseptin for her diarrhoea, but am rally worried about triggering a relapse in her IMHA. She has so far been responding well with her IMHA treatment, her pcv is 40 and she has so far ben reduced from 10mg of prednicare a day to 3 mg a day. Thankyou

Hi, My Chihuahua jrt cross was diagnosed with IMHA three months ago. I was wondering if anyone could advise me on whether coconut, coconut milk and coconut oil is safe for dogs with IMHA. I know it contains something called Lauric acid, which is good for red blood cell production, but ive also read it "boosts the immune system". I know the whole purpose of IMHA treatment is to subdue the immune system and to use anything that boosts it would be foolish, but really confused here as ive spoken to lots of people with IMHA dogs who swear by raw virgin coconut oil in their dogs food. It seems to have loads of heath benefits for healthy dogs, but im worried what is meant by "boosting " the immune system. Does it just mean its good for the immune system or it actually does give it a kick start. Really confused :( xxx

Hi my 2 year old Chihuahua jrtx was diagnosed with regenerative idiopathic IMHA on 23rd October. She was hospitalised the next day with a pcv of 20 and by the following morning had a pcv of 15. The vet decided a blood transfusion was her only hope and blood was found the same day, by the time the transfusion went ahead her pcv was down to 8.
The following day her pcv was 46 and she was allowed home, on 10mg of steroids daily and zintac tablets. Her pcv seems to have settled at around 42 and she has had the steroids reduced to 7mg daily. It is now almost 6 weeks since diagnosis and we are expecting her vet to make another reduction in steroids, however I feel it would have to be a small reduction such as 1mg daily as she has already had a 30% reduction over the last few weeks.
Her pcv is done fortnightly, however full bloods are only done monthly and I feel this is not often enough as I know the steroids can cause liver and kidney problems. Should I insist on this being done fortnightly too?    What kind of reduction plan should we be looking at for the steroids, she is only on the steroids as an immune suppressor. I also believe she should be on a supplement to counteract the toxic effects of the steroids on the liver, such as denamarin or samylin, however the vet doesn't seem to feel it necessary. IMHA has taken over my life and it feels like a nightmare has taken hold and no one can predict whats going to happen.

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