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 Well it' s nice to join this new look CIMDA having been on line since the  start of the CIMDA. forum.
I have been involved  with  Afghan Hounds for over 40 yrs & whilst  this generally  is a  healthy breed many  have encountered AI issues particularly  Hyo- thyroidism & other AI bleeding disorders. I have been involved with health matters in the Afghan Hound for many yrs.
If only CIMDA had been around  when I lost a 3 yr old in 2001  ,we
never  got a definitive label  diagnosis but his whole  immune system crashed and he was dead   within a few weeks  His litter sister later developed lymphoma around 10 yrs of age. His mother & her litter brother were diagnosed  in middles ages  with hypo- T  although I was fortunate that both lived  into double figures  & did well on appropriate medication until for Mathew the polyglandular  syndrome kicked in &  his  vital organs finally gave up. Another litter brother I had developed a rare pancreatic tumour,an  insulinoma ,he died at 7  so I feel there is v much a genetic link here.my experience with the latter has been of assistance to a number of Affi owners

 I am trying to navigate my way around this new lay out, all confusing but I guess given time  we will all  get there ,maybe get a bit lost along the way  but look forward to retaining contact,helping where possible & learning all the time. These wonderful four legged friends certainly take us along an interesting journey.
 I live in Essex UK & currently have 2  Affis, an uncle & niece.

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