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Hi xx
A lady in our support group needs urgent help with advice, regarding her dog Mia. She is struggling to post and I cannot seem to post screenshots of her lab work and brief history. I have been given permission to pass on the email address for Rosi and wonder if it is possible to email her. Her email is rosisafe@outlook.com

Thanks in advance

Thankyou for the replies, I forwarded them onto Fiona and she has provided this response.

"Thank you so much, he was on 40mg (20mg tablets) twice aday at first then decreased two weeks after to 1 and a half 20mg tablets twice a day for three weeks, now down to one 20mg tablet twice a day, he has spoken with a specialist a couple of times and said what he is on now is gold star treatment, I guess I'm in two minds about it all,his results were doing so well then the decrease in Pred he seems to be going downhill by his numbers, but to me and anyone who knows him has seen such a change (for the better) in him every week, his more brighter everyday, eating so well, his only concern for me is his gum colour isn't as pink,its pale."

Hi all, I am posting this for a lady who couldn't get to grips with the forum and sent an email to Jo, unfortunately I think the email must have got lost somewhere along the way and I asked if she would like me to post here for her. Her name is Fiona and below is what I have copied and pasted exactly in her words. Thank you xx

"Hi all, don't know why I'm posting, maybe for support, someone who can relate to my situation, or advice, I'm not to sure,my head is a muddled mess at the moment, so please excuse me if I make no sense at all!

My beautifully, lovely,sweet,apple of my eye Bozo was diagnosed with imha last December 28/12/2017, he went from a 30kg dog down to 19kg in days! ( his now 24.8kg)

He was so ill, he had a transfusion, stayed a few days in the vet, pcv was raising well the whole time until three weeks ago, it went from 29 to 23! I was freaking out, vet rung a specialist, he advised to re test his blood and it came back into the 30s! phew! Fast forward to the next week, again got 23% reading vet added 25mg of imuran once a day to his 20mg of pred 2x a day, this weeks result's came back as 19%,20%,21% ( they testes three times) also added antibiotics 2x a day for 10 days, he says its not looking good, apparently to them his flat at home he is a nightmare to keep still, he is so active, his better then ever, eating like a horse ( literally eats more then the kids minis lol)

What would you guys suggesting adding, doing or anything? Iv emailed Jo Tucker last week, waiting a reply, his on 6 cups of hills active dry kibble I'd love to change him to a grain free option (ivory coat or black hawk?) He dose get some cooked beef heart,liver,kidney,honey,veg as well

I'm a complete wreck with his results, hearing the pts option getting brought up so often haunt's me at night, I know I need to be realistic and face in reality I could very well lose my best mate sooner rather then later, I'd love to do anything I can to help him!
 Thank you for taking the time and reading my novel!"

Thankyou very much. I have passed this message on to the lady in question. I appreciate your help.
Fond Regards Karen xx

Just heard back from the lady and this is what she said.
"I checked, I got an email verifying that I applied and that I would receive another email when I was accepted. I tried logging in but it said I was waiting for approval."     ❤️

Hi Jo xx
Has this issue been resolved? As I have recommended a lady here to CIMDA. she filled in the registration a couple of nights ago and keeps checking, but says she has still not been approved. I cannot recall how CIMDA notify people of approval and am not certain if she is just trying to log on with the username and password she used at registration, or if se needs to look for an email with a verification code? Thank you xx 

Just spoken to the ladies who are still unable to register. One of the ladies is getting a box coming up saying the two passwords are not the same, but they are. She is in need of advice and I'd really like her to be able to get on, but unsure what to do next. I've emailed Penel, but am awaiting a reply. I will try and post a screenshot of what she gets when trying to register. Ok it says the file is too large xx

Thanks will try that ♥️

Hi , I've been recommending people join CIMDA from an imha support group on Facebook. Two ladies trying to join today, have reported back that they're struggling to register, they keep getting that the password isnt the same. Thanks xx ps sorry I tried to message someone, but couldn't find an option for that xx

I have spoken to Jacqueline today and she is immensely grateful for all of your help and kind words. Jazz fought with everything she had, but unfortunately passed away this morning at 11.40am in the arms of her Mum and Dad. She is now free from pain and suffering no more. ❤️

This was closely followed by this the last update so far. . I know she is desperate and doesn't want Jazz to suffer, but is still hoping she can beat it.                  Here is the update x.                                   I'm fighting  sleep and too afraid to . My eyes are red raw with crying . Vet phoned ( one I can comprehend) said she is more settled, still blood at rectum but pcv stayed at 16 . She's more comfortable but had become very breathless and had further chest X-ray - found start of pneumonia 😢😥. What next ? Started her on antibiotics . I've asked if we can see her , said they don't usually at weekend but if she remains stable they may permit it for 5mins tomorrow. However, she was stable yesterday and look what happened ? Pray  she remains stable and we get to see her . She said the steroids were cause of her bleed !!!! The pain is incredible. My poor parents are distraught and this will unsettle my dad , he has Alzheimer's and they are the best of pals . She adores her papa and this will really effect him as she went there when I was at work. I feel someone has cursed us. I lost my first Cocker , Cora in November 1993 but she was 13 , Jazz is too young . I'm so proud of her , the way she has bravely endured everything and for what seems may have been prevented .

You can post anything you need on Cimda etc . Xx

This is the last update from Jacqueline .                 Was18 post trans now 16 . The transfusion was after she phoned @ 1am . They are concerned that they can't get bleeding to stop . They had reduced steroids and stopped one of the doses of myco*phenalate. She said concern is that like yest she stabilises then drops re bleeding , could be fine for a day then deteriorate again . I think we have come to conclusion that if she continues to bleed and they can't stop it we will go through and be with her , then bring her home . She should have some dignity as she was a wee beauty and a gift sent to us for a reason . I knew when I was driving through on Thurs that this was it , as I said , we passed through the village she was born in and the Dick is a few miles from the people who had her till she was 2. It's funny how things turn out! She was well looked after but merely a pet to them, but to us she's been a much loved , sister, daughter and grand daughter and my most faithful , loving companion . It's such an empty house and a deep void . The pain is awful but what has she borne and so bravely?  . I truly wouldn't wish this on anyone, it's too cruel . They wouldn't let us see her and that's so painful as we haven't seen her since Thurs and she'll be frantic . My neighbour called and said how beautiful she was and such a lovely personality . She said her daughter got a fright when she saw her , the transformation in her in a few weeks re weight loss and sunken skull . Why oh why did this not set alarm bells ringing at vets if a 17 year old could identify it? She actually said " Jackie, she was upset and quite frightened when she saw her ..." Thank you so much for everything, I never thought this would be outcome at the end of Sept , her pcv was going up and stabilising in low 30s but now knowing what I do re meds it's no wonder what's transpired ! My sweet, golden Angel . Thank you re Cimda too , you can let them know if you like what's happened . I hope no other precious dog has to endure what Jazz has to 😢. I'm sobbing in one room and my hubby in another . My poor parents are distraught too ! My sweet baby girl . Xx

Thanks for all your replies, here is the latest update from Jacqueline.                                            Thanks Karen , once again ! I agree, I think it could have been prevented or at least not got to this stage . Vet just phoned , bloods have gone up following transfusion( forgot to ask to what but I'll ask when she phones later) and seems more stable , has eaten a wee bit but very concerned re pancreatitis and she was very uncomfortable and in pain , so she's on a strong analgesic. Levels are high ,esp  liver and they said bit concerned . I asked re bleed and they are hoping it stops/ lessens but it's a waiting game . I asked if they thought the high dose and prolonged length being on such a high dose was a contributing factor and she said may have ! She was going to be consulting with the emergency medics to discuss a plan going forward .Jazz is still in ICU and remains critical ! Let's pray she makes it and can get bleeding/ pancreatitis addressed. She's been through so much and it's so heartbreaking. Running more tests and awaiting results from further bloods . Michael ( hubby) has spoken to a few people who have dealt with Royal Dick re pets/ horses and they all said it was best place , so that's some comfort . I'll keep you posted and a huge thanks from all of us . If you need to post anything on Cimda or whatever , feel free to do so . I've read the reply from Jo , hope my girl one of the ones who gets through it . xx

Update on Jazz.          I know that Jacqueline is extremely grateful for all your advice. Jazz has been taken to a specialist in Edinburgh. The following is what she sent me in a message and asked to be posted here.                       Read Cimda post !!!!! Vet just phoned - she's having a transfusion and so far tolerating it . Heart rate dropping as was too high but breathing still rapid. They have found ulcers , clots in her spleen and somewhere else and internal bleeding ! Said she has extremely critical pancreatitis . Wait for it .... They have reduced her steroids and are monitoring her closely in ICU . She's critical ! They were waiting on the rest of the blood results and giving her a chest X-ray , going to also test for cancer . She's on a drip too , think omeprazole . Said it could have been caused by steroids !!!! Going to phone me @ 10.30 ish , however, if she deteriorates will call before , hope they don't have to !!! Thank you for your kind words , our babies are so special and she really is , such a wee, kind, gentle soul and doesn't deserve this . Our vet said today , this shouldn't be her time as she's too young . I'll keep you posted .

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