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I am afraid that I do not contribute much to the forum these days but avidly read the posts I am in full agreement Jo with you concerning proprietary foods, complete foods etc..  Far too many additives .
 I still cook for my girl, only now having the one  makes life easier from that point of view but in regard to tap water. Likewise I either purchase bottled water or use filtered water.

Several years back a friend had an epileptic deerhound and one of her specialist vets  at that time felt that frequently  the widespread use of fluoride in tap water could be a contributory factor in a  number of environmental triggers affecting epileptic dogs  &  those genetically prone to a multitude of A/I disorders.
I took this on board when I had my dogs with immune related conditions & have never used tap water in their bowls since that time.

Dee I have looked at your videos & the last 2 of Boss on the golf course and his   stumbling gait, falling over are typical to what I had   with JAMES & experienced similar episodes when I had him out walking on a lead, this is exactly how his episodes started, falling to one side, losing his balance... these were initially intermittent ...he would return to the house& seem quite normal! I think your vet is right in suggesting another insulin/glucose ratio blood testing, James   condition did not show up  until the 3rd testing  by then  the   episodes were increasing in frequency &   his co-ordination was far worse during these attacks, losing his legs completely, unable to get up etc. Of course other neurological conditions could show similar ...BUT... the fact that he is so well in between raises the stakes for me in ruling out   the insulinoma diagnosis.
Will mail you privately later.

just thought Dee, you mentioned HONEY helps him, this is exactly what we did  with JAMES but the quick fix, that helped shorten his episodes Before we commenced treatment was ICE CREAM, (just like suggested to the epileptic dogs on GUARDIAN ANGELS site) also  I started feeding   3 or 4 x daily as opposed to a single meal or breakfast & dinner, this at the least keeps the levels  in a certain degree of balance.

Hullo Dee yes I did  experience very much what you have had with BOSSDIN,NORMALITY followed by "freak" episodes of staggering gait, syncope, panting, distress etc ,...this was in my FIRST dog diagnosed who was only 6 years old.
This was always  our problem, I got to the stage when I felt my vet  was NOT believing me.
 My dog totally lacked energy ,yet by the time we would have a vet seeing him, he appeared so normal. I started keeping a diary to record EVERYTHING & this proved very helpful to the specialist vets at the AHT here in UK when he was finally referred there.

James, who I lost in August, was different ,possibly because being older less energetic so conserved his energy levels, only when the blood sugar dropped dramatically did I notice something wrong, he would twitch his head a lot, the expression on the face tells you that they are about to go "off course"
 The younger dog had gone through a variety of cardiac  investigations all proving   negative. Of course I could be wise in hindsight, I was so fortunate  because after  what amounted to weeks  of frustration, FREDDIE suddenly had a gran mal fit episode & the vet I spoke  with  diagnosed my dog by what I was telling her, on the phone..
 I am not saying Bosein has an insulinoma but   the signs are highly suspect & this should ,most definitely be  considered. You need a blood sample  when he is actually  going through a "seizure"...even then you might only get a low sugar reading.

 You really need a vet who  has seen the condition I feel, or a specialist who is prepared to LISTEN to what YOU are telling them of your dogs symptoms.
 unfortunately I do not do FACE BOOK.
I wrote a long article about FREDDIE & INSULINOMA on  our  AFGHAN HOUND HEALTH PAGES on  the AFFI LOVERS forum, you can access it via the web page. Might be of help to you.
 Take Care.

Dee coming in a bit late to this discussion...ref your comments. Insulinoma.....yep, been there done that. Starved him, took him for a short toilet walk on a really cold day before the blood test.... he collapsed..... 2 hours later we sedated him, took the blood sample, then I had a full abdominal ultrasound done looking for a tumour on the pancreas. Nothing showed up. Eventually the glucose/insulin test came back.... it had to be sent away.... and it was inconclusive at 50. And I've read if they don't do whatever it is they do to the blood samples quick enough it can give a not so accurate figure. So because the ultrasound was totally clear I don't think it is that.
I have had 2 dogs  with INSULINOMA. I lost my  dog in August. I was highly suspicious over a year earlier when he started having transient episode s of staggering & falling about. All tests proved inconclusive, but in April things dramatically took a downward spiral, it took  3  insulin/glucose ratio blood testing  before we got  a diagnosis. Ultra sound likewise proved ineffective, these tumours rarely show up on screening.  With discussion with my vet and because of my previous experience with this type of tumour, my dog had careful monitoring, but we were 90 per cent certain what it was and unfortunately this was eventually proven to be correct. Given his age (almost 12)I  was not prepared to  go down the surgical route has i had  with a younger dog but the specialist vets at the AHT told me then that  often   it takes  an INSIDE look to positively confirm this type of tumour, they can be like grains of sand. Have you taken any videos of his episodes? such may assist in diagnosis. JAMES did very well on steroid medication, this was the treatment I opted for in his age group.
EXCITEMENT, exercise, weather conditions ALWAYS prove trigger factors in my dog(s) having the type of transient attacks that you have described....so familiar from my own experiences. I think you need referral to an endocrinologist or one of the excellent team I   met at the AHT. these tumours are rare. One onocolgist told me  that he had never   encountered one before he had been told about my dog SOAMES.  SOAMES diagnosis was only proven after MONTHS of frustration which is why I was so on the ball with  my more recent dog .


General doggy chat / Re: YoYo's surgery
« on: December 22, 2013, 08:06:35 PM »
oh Jan I have been off line & only just read about  you losing your beloved YO YO.
 He has been a special CIMDA friend for such a long time.

I am so very  sorry. YOU gave him a lovely life and you did what you thought was  best for him always. Sadly , despite our best efforts,  their time   with us  comes to an end and it is just devastating when they must leave us....but what wonderful memories they leave behind  with us.
YOU take care.
 Sylvia &* the Affis

General doggy chat / Re: YoYo's surgery
« on: December 09, 2013, 04:28:09 PM »
 From my experience  & what i have learned from vets who are specialised in performing this type of surgery Jan , it is NOT that common for  them to have such set backs immediately post surgery but with YO YOU  he does have other health issues; most Afghans  that i  know about from   when I was the  breed health co-ordinator did very well,also including my own experiences   so we will   be keeping everything  crossed for YO YO responding to treatment.

 I do know of one little girlie,quite oldish who had her tie back at the RVC, she  was  poorly & had to be re-admitted to their intensive care unit but   she did ok eventually , it is just  a wait & see game   really once they are on appropriate treatment.

YO YO & you are in my thoughts & prayers

General doggy chat / Re: YoYo's surgery
« on: December 08, 2013, 07:01:42 PM »
oh Jan I am so sorry to come in & read that YO YO has had this set back so early post- surgery;does sound very like an aspiration pneumonia so  here is hoping that the IV & ABS will rapidly assist in his  recovery;sounds more like this to be the problem than  his addisons. At least  your vet has picked it up quickly. I wonder if the problem was there  BEFORE surgery  as this is not uncommon in any dog  with LP, My dog Max had a very bad attack of  AP ,this BEFORE he received tie   back some year later. CAMBS said then that  they did not operate when AP was already present.  he was on ABS for weeks.

The Newfie Club webb  site gives a lot of helpful info on LP & post- surgery care if you  need any  more advice. It cannot be easy  for you with your disability.
 Lots of "WHITE LIGHT" coming down line for your boy.
Best wishes

General doggy chat / Re: YoYo's surgery
« on: December 06, 2013, 09:30:36 PM »
 Jan if it is any help I have had 2 dogs in the past having had surgery for LP, it is not an uncommon condition in the geriatric Afghan hound, sometimes even younger. One of my dogs was 11 yrs old at time of surgery in the 1980s a6ty Bristol Vet School, the other turned 12,his surgery being performed at Cambridge and BOTH did very well,  enhancing the quality of their autumn years.

Yes post-surgical  aspiration pneumonia is  a   complication that always has to be considered but I have never had  any problems, remember   to  keep the food dish  at a raised level.
I do have lots of information on this  condition here if you have any  further worries.
 Geoff Lane at Bristol did a lot of work  with my breed in the 1980s. I also know of a dog that i bred who had tie back surgery in his 16th year & went on until almost 17, a very great age in  my breed.
 Good Luck

General doggy chat / Re: Stay safe Elisabeth
« on: July 11, 2013, 03:28:47 PM »
Elisabeth I have not logged on here in a while but with all the recent problems  in Egypt you have been very much in my thoughts & I have been hoping that you & your family are safe away from all the violence,so to read your posts was very comforting.

Carol in Cyprus had  mailed me too asking if I had heard anything from you through CIMDA, I can now report back to her.
It must be so difficult for you all.

 Take Care & keep safe & may better times come SOON.....
Sylvia & the affi Hounds UK.

General doggy chat / Re: CeeCee is 13!
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:58:45 PM »
I too have not checked in  to this forum in a while so delighted to come in & read abt one of our grand ladies from the early CIMDA days;
Dear CEE a special friend to us all "old timers" Hope that you are ALL well at Birchbank, will mail you privately......I still have CEE & ARIA's Christmas greetings photo on my sideboard...& now it is EASTER...the YEARS flash past & we must hug the special  friends every day.
Take Care
Sylvia & the AFFIs

In loving memory... / Re: Lovely Lola 2003-2013
« on: February 20, 2013, 07:10:16 PM »

oh Gail I have not been into  the posts for sometime and  to  come in tonight & read of dear LOLA's leaving us.
She was such a very special girl & a part of CIMDA for so long. you loved her & cared for her beautifully & you have always been there for all of us in our times of need, offering both practical and emotional support.may we all be here for YOU at this    difficult time.

My thoughts are very much with you and your family.  LOLA leaves us  with so many memories. 
Take Care

General doggy chat / Re: stella pred reduction
« on: December 05, 2012, 10:18:01 AM »
Elisabeth I am so pleased to read that you have  taken a new friend into your life.
NOTHING can ever replace our lost furry friends but i do believe they guide us and there is always another furry friend awaiting out there, the RIGHT dog comes along at the RIGHT time. This certainly proved so for me  after i lost my Tessa(lymphoma) in 2009 , although we were far more fortunate than many in so much that  we had  good long years together.Each dog teaches us so much.
 My thoughts are with you at this special time.
Sylvia & the Affis UK.

General doggy chat / Re: a little interview with me
« on: November 04, 2012, 01:23:41 PM »
Gail I just got around to watching your video & viewing your wonderful art & craft work. YOU & LOLA are an inspiration to us all. I send you BOTH a big hug from across the Pond.
Take Care.
Sylvia & the Affis

General doggy chat / Re: OT Rosie's Birthday
« on: October 31, 2012, 09:13:43 PM »
 This is  a grand age Joanne,I am sure you will celebrate her special birthday in some style at Birchbank  together with your AI girls...... ENJOY.

Each day is so very special  with our oldies.

I  have never had one myself go beyond 13,although  2 Affis that I bred  made 16.


love Sylvia & the Affis UK.

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