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Dear Jo
I last spoke to you 18 months ago about Tom my Beardie who had kidney problems. You had a broken leg. I hope it's now ok He still has but as long as he has a wee before I go to bed he's fine. Well he was until last week when he had infected nail on one paw !!! Alarm bells rang slightly. Today after more infected toes my vet who I have known for years agreed it's SLO She bowed to my superior knowledge which I applaud her for . She is going to research it further but as they are so busy she asked for my own research and I'll send her what I know and with her  research we'll agree on treatment.
 Tom's on half a Paracetamol twice a day for the pain as most painkillers will compromise his kidneys while we sort out treatment. I know oil and no tetracycline but will look through the website. Any thoughts would be very much appreciated
Thank you Gill

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