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Title: X Raying an Addisons dog
Post by: beardiesbounce on July 02, 2016, 05:22:58 PM
Hi there
I hope you donít mind me contacting you but you helped me with my Bearded Collie.

My cousin has a Border Collie aged 7 years with Addisons. He has started to walk flat footed. Apparently his hock has dropped, but he doesnít seem to be in pain. Itís very confusing. When drinking he will lift it up. He is on Tramadol.

When at the Vets, one vet says they will x ray the leg to see whatís going on, but the other vet says it is not advisable. What do you think? Would you x ray a dog with Addisons?

Regards Amanda
Title: Re: X Raying an Addisons dog
Post by: Jo CIMDA on July 03, 2016, 08:56:53 AM
Hi Amanda and welcome

Yes you can x-ray a dog with Addison's as long as you anticipate the extra stress he may experience during the procedure and give extra prednisolone prior to taking him to the vet.  When a dog has Addison's disease he is unable to produce the 'fight/flight' hormone that provides the extra cortisol needed for him to cope with stress.   He no longer has the 'supply and demand' facility that a dog with normal adrenal glands enjoy.

Having said all that, I would weigh up the need for the x-ray.  What will it tell you?   How will affect treatment if you know what is wrong?  Can it be done without a general anaesthetic? This is important because all dogs are at some risk when given a sedation or a general anaesthetic, and an Addisonian dog more so. Would you have an Addisonian dog operated on, for example if he has a cruciate ligament problem?  The benefits have to outweigh the risks and personally I wouldn't put a dog under an anaesthetic or sedation unless there was no choice, and most definitely not a dog with Addison's disease.

Perhaps your cousin could buy him a limb support, like those that people wear on their wrist, there are website that sell these supports for dogs.  One would think he is having a degree of pain to need Tramadol.  There are alternative things such as acupuncture and supplements like glucosamine etc., that might be worth trying. Certainly rest might help, but how you rest a Border Collie, I don't know.
Good luck


Title: Re: X Raying an Addisons dog
Post by: beardiesbounce on July 03, 2016, 06:33:15 PM
Thank you Jo, I'll pass it on :)